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Ravenhead Glass, Help needed!

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Hello there, I'm new to the forum and have been trying to find as much information on Ravenhead glass as I possibly can. I was hoping someone here would be able to fill in the gaps; for such a large company there seems to be very little information about them.

What I have found so far (if any of this is incorrect please let me know!) Its the beginings of the company I am having a really hard time establishing and names, designers associated with Ravenhead.

1901: Ravenhead was bought out by Pilkingtons

1948: UNited Glass installed a new machine, the Westlake, made by Oewns-Illinois. The firm was now capable of producing huge amounts of glasses fully automatically. @Worthington', 'Paris' & 'Waterloo' designs first to be produced this way.

1964: United Glass closes Sherdley plant, all production moved to Ravenhead

1977: Company sales amount to £15 million

1987: United Glass/Ravenhead sold to Maerican Bottlemaker Libby

2000: Ravenhead sold to Durobor, owned by Belgian Regional Government of Wallonne Brabant

2001: 300 Jobs lost when firm closed in March, after falling into financial dificulties

2003: Rayware bought factory site and the Ravenhead name, continued to produce Ravenhead glass

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Anything left over will hopefully be revealed in Sheffield

check out a copy of Lesley Jackson's "20th Century Factory Glass" - it has a three page article on Ravenhead.

...also Andy McConnell's book '20th Century Glass' has an interesting 6 page article on Hardie Williamson you might enjoy.

Cheers for the tips. I have a copy of 20th Century Glass, but it doesnt tell you anyhting about Ravenhead's early history. Luckily they have a copy of 20th century factory glass in a couple of libraries so I'll get that one out. THanks for your help

David E:
You might also be interested to learn that Heidi is currently researching United Glass (Sherdley/Ravenhead) with a view to publishing a book at some point. We have also 'started' a web site (started = it has a menu! ;D) which is at:

Naturally, any input would be most welcome. The dates look right to me, but I'll alert Heidi to this thread who has far more experience than me.

Designers of screen-printed designs from c.1955-1980 are Alexander Hardie Williamson, Annette Meech and John Clappison. We also have a forum for Slumped and Transfer printed gl;ass that you might like to explore for further information:,12.0.html


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