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Help with ID for 'flower and bubble' paperweight

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David E:
Stranger and stranger; first I get logged out and then back in, now I post a message and it didn't appear – did I forget to type in the Subject Line?

Anyway, I don't suppose this 'weight is anything special, but I was attracted to the excellent organic appearance of the green flower tendrils with surrounding bubbles.

Following are some larger-size photos:
Side View
Top View
Close up

Thanks in advance.

David :mrgreen:

hi David

most prob made by royal crest

David E:
Thanks Ray — any advance on Royal Crest?

I know very little about 'weights!

David :mrgreen:


My reaction was the same as Rays i.e Royal Crest....they are often found boxed and have been very common in the last 5 years or so. Can often be picked up for as little as a few pounds but for what they are they canrepresent very good value for money. Some , but not all, are very well constructed and do have a degree of finishing to them.
Anyway I'm glad you posted this because I keep meaning to ask if anyone knows the country of origin. Despite the English vernacular attached I have always considered they were Chinese.........can anyone confirm or advise.??


giving back the British Empire was one thing but selling off the mechanism of this country is lunacy.




:D Hi, For what it's worth (not being a paperweight person), my gut reaction was Royal Crest too, just from previous discussions and pictures on this board. Try a search on the message board for this name. Cheers, Sue.


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