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Knobbly vase, triple 'beak' NOT Whitefriars! Czech/German?


David E:
I recently submitted this vase to 'Isit Whitefriars' and the consensus seems to be no.


It was suggested that it could be Czech or German origin, c.1960s, but can anyone confirm this, or provide a maker/age?

Apologies for the poor photo but I always have problem photographing red glass — but I'll start another thread for that so please don't answer here.  :wink:

David :mrgreen:

I think IVMHO, there is a chance this could be Chalet Glass, I think it's one of those shapes that are hard to pin down (probably someone'll prove me wrong now and tell you exactly what you've got...  :lol: )  

This is still a great site to check when you're unsure anyway, no harm done.   :D

Thanks, Max. I was aware of this site as I had to tell them some time ago that the nice Flygsfors Coquille they had listed there was NOT Murano! I just looked again and it's still listed there incorrectly... see #568 at the bottom of the page  :?

I'm also led to believe that the Chalet Glass company used to be called, rather confusingly, Murano Glass Company (or similar) during the early 1960s so could be very misleading. Can anyone confirm this?

David  :mrgreen:

Hi David,

Yes, Ivo can confirm ... the former "Murano Glass" name ... it's listed in his handy Glass Fact File book. In fact, it is listed as "Murano Glass Inc.", but I don't suppose the "Inc." was (or is) used very much by sellers.

Thanks for that, Kev – I have Ivo's book so should have checked myself really!  :oops:

David :mrgreen:


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