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Pall Mall

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Hi there Leni, Well I've sold Pall Mall on eBay several times over the past 7 years and always been bowled over by the price they've achieved. Back then I searched hard all over Google and the U.K.

Hi Leni again, I hit something and lost my message... I also searched the U.S. eBay site. Now I have more to sell in all different sizes and shapes and again I hunted for information. I can tell you there's nothing much there. The poms think because the name of these glasses is Pall Mall they were made mysteriously in the north of England, maybe a fire destroyed all the paperwork. This is all rubbish, because I found it!!!! I found an original advertisement with all the sizes and patterns listed and the heading is BOHEMIAN CRYSTAL! I'm so excited to know this. They are very old. Probably even early Victorian era. The fine glass is no indication that they will break easily, there are too many about for this to be true. So with the printed ad, I'm running with the fact that they were made in Europe and all information was in either Austrian or Czech and this has not been translated to English and THAT'S the reason they are impossible to research. I  love them. They are like holding a bubble. Very beautiful and special... WOOLWORTHS eat your heart out! Bet they never made it inside one of their stores. They are also wheel etched which is one of the hardest forms of decoration ever and only the cleverest engraver of them all can do it! Hope this information helps. Cheers Dianne. p.s. This fine glass has nothing at all to do with Duncan Miller's swan which has the name Pall Mall and that's where the similarity ends. So you have a winner! Di

Hi Dianne The very common Pall Mall glasses we find here in the UK are usually transfer etched. Their commoness suggests that they were very possibly sold by Woolworths. As to date 1920s/1930s/1940s would seem more likely for ours.

flying free:
I have no idea if this has anything to do with what are sometimes called the thin 'pall mall' glasses (and I've not kept the link ... sorry) but looking at something for Schreiber and Neffen last night I came across a whole host of patterns that looked like they might have been for needle etched type glass or similar.

Sorry I didn't keep the link but there were absolutely loads of patterns - it was in their catalogues.


Carolyn Preston:
My "wedding" crystal is finely etched and made by Bohemia  Crystal. I was very surprised years ago (after I had recently picked that pattern) to find three glasses of it in my mother's china cabinet. She told me she had brought them back from my grandfather's house when he died. So it was originally released (I think) in the 1910/20 era and then again in the late 80's.



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