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Latticino dishes


David E:
You do see these offered on eBay at quite a wide range of prices, but I couldn't say whether these are the 1950s originals or later versions. Here are the five I currently have:

Five Latticino Dishes

Quite fragile, they normally (always?) have latticino, and often with aventurine twists. In the photo the smaller one and the green one do not have aventurine inclusions. All have an indented base with broken pontil mark, but without this book I can't verify them myself.

They are invariably attributed to A.Ve.M, but I would bow to Javier's and Laura's superior knowledge on this subject :wink: and I'd love to know their origin myself!  :)

Hey David,
It is very hard to say with certainty without any labels, but Fratelli Toso, Salviati and Avem are the most likely with this little dishes. You might want to research the patterns specifically, or the color canes used to be more precise. The ones by Barbini and Seguso are much more thicker since they are cased in clear glass. The more delicate ones aren't.

David E:
Thanks Javier, this information should prove a good starting point to anyone trying to identify latticino objects. As a matter of interest, the smaller one in the photo does have thicker, cased glass so I would assume Barbini or Seguso.


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