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Who made these?


Hi Everyone,

  I'm very new to Murano and would appreciate any help with these two pieces. The first is a vase, 9 1/2" tall very heavy, quite a bit of age wear on the bottom with light pink and blue stripes. The second is a beautiful (I love it!) dish. It measures 8" from stem to tip and has light blue stripes with gold speckles. Any ideas?

Thanks, Cathy G

Hi Cathy,
I really like the Leaf bowl you posted. I have 1 in Pink and have been trying to find out myself who it is by. Unsure about the Beaker vase. Off hand I would say it is similar to some Venini pieces I've seen, but Im uncertain about the feathery look the lines have. Maybe some of the other members can help out in the attributions :wink:

Thanks Javier,

  I too thought that about the beaker vase, at least I was hoping but with my limited knowledge... I have just purchased two more books. I also bought Ivo's signature book hoping to find some unidentified signatures. The Blenko Collectors Society had their 3rd annual convention last weekend and one of the member who did a presentation on tips for finding glass, told us about the book, what a great book! That leaf dish caught my eye and I have to's really a nice piece. I would love to see your pink one. Thanks for taking the time to answer my post.

Cathy G

Just thought I'd add a picture of the bottom...


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