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Smokey amber craquelé vase

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This is an smokey/amber-coloured craquelé vase which I rescued from my late aunt's estate.My dear bro' was about to take it to the tip.I think he may have already done so with some Clarice Cliff pottery but that's another story!:(

It is only 17cm high but weighs a ton(nearly 2kg) because the glass is so thick.Pontil mark is partly ground away.

A few years ago I noticed an identical vase offered for sale in a Christies glass auction and they attributed it to Rousseau but also(like mine) it didn't have a signature or ID mark.Their price estimate was around £300 but it didn't sell anyway as far as I recall.
I quite like it but my wife doesn't really!

Anyone here have any ideas.Thanks.

Auction houses always like to use 'attributions' and of course often get it wrong. I doubt this is Rousseau.

My first instinct was WMF but I have not heard of crackle glass being used before which does not mean much, as the Ikora range were mostly one-offs.

Best site

Hi Steve,

                  I take it your Brother is not a Glass Lover like us? :(   your pice is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! I haven't a clue who its by but I LOVE it!!!!

         Warmest Wishes


Thanks John.My aunt used it as a lamp base as it's difficult to turn over!

If I hadn't met my wife then I might have been as "uncultured" as my bro' :lol:
But his wife doesn't help..would't recognize a beautiful object if it hit her on the head and regards everything that's not immediately utilitaran for her,as "clutter".In the bin with it :roll:

When we arrived at my aunt's flat after her death,bro' had already taken 10 full binbags to the tip! And she was a lady of expensive tastes with an income to support them!We managed to save a Clarice Cliff and a Moorcroft vase but we have no idea what was in the 10 bin-bags apart from "clutter".  :(

Frank: Thanks so much for the Ikora link.

I didn't find anything there resembling this craquelé vase.However,I did find
a large dish(39cm) that we bought here in NL 20 years ago is absolutely definitely WMF Ikora.
Probably one of those 1930's ones or earlier because ours has a lot of uranium green in it.Amazing effect if you light it with blacklight and then turn off the light...glows in the dark for some time afterwards!
Very probably a health hazard and might be classed as radio-active waste!

I'll take a shot of it and post it here soon. Thanks again.

PS. I suspect that the auction house only described the vase as Rousseau because it was craquelé.Wasn't he one of the first to apply the technique?
Sort of like calling a vacuum cleaner a Hoover  :!:


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