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Elwell - A glassworks too

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In 1953 they are again listed as a manufacturer - established 1920 - Cut and etched crystal glassware and pressed glassware.

In 1963 they are listed as Wholesale Merchant and distributor.

As it is a publication targetted at company buyers, mis-information is likely to backfire. Easiest would be to check at companies house which should show how they were defined legally. No info on-line.

My guess that in the post-war climate ,when many small glassworks were established, that they set up a small operation for some part of their business. There were a flood of investors fresh from the army with pockets bulging from the spoils of war - the realm of the 'spiv'. There should be info available with Harlow council archives if they did set up a factory. Again not an on-line option.

Bernard C:

--- Quote from: "Frank" ---In the 1950 Pottery Gazette, H Elwell & Co of Harlow, Essex UK are listed as a manufacturer of pressed glass and Hand-made full crystal glass. ...
--- End quote ---

I don't see any indication here of Elwell owning or setting up a glassworks.   Manufacturer here just means one who provides or trades in manufactured goods (including then handmade goods), a sense of the word now largely obsolete.   I think that Elwell would have used the term to elevate himself from factor, which has more connotations of a commission agent, i.e. he owned his stock, whereas a commission agent never did.    All to do with status.

Bernard C.  8)

Possible, but we need to get some more original material.


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