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Iridized Sand Paper Vase


I have had this a couple of years and am totally clueless as to maker or even country of origin.

What I can tell you is that it is mold blown in a two part mold.
The rim is ground and polished and that it stands approx. 6.5 inches tall.
The base glass is a dark purple & there are no marks of any kind.

The texture is that of fine sandpaper and the irridescence runs from greens, golds to blues and purples.
Closeup Surface Texture & Irrid (Big pic)
Close-up of neck

I see that shape of neck most often on Italian (not Murano) pieces.
I think is it machine blown as hand / mouth blown would not have given enough pressure to produce mold lines.
I'm wondering if that shape of neck, specifically how it flares towards the rim also has something to do with it being machine made.

I woulds guess that the fine texture came from the mold after which and irridizing salts spray applied and the whole re-heated.

The only thing which baffles me is the sandy looking matte finish on the base and also, it seems on the neck.  :roll:

Now I'm wondering it the gather was sprayed before blowing and greater heat and expansion in the centre cleared & iridized the matte look there but didn't do so where there was less expansion at the neck and base.

It is moulded but I totally disagree with Peter's reasoning. Could easily be mould blown. The finish is chemical, probably not very old.


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