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Tapio Wirkaala or Bo Borgstrom ???


Anne E.B.:

Can anyone help with a definitive identification please?  I have seen my vase attributed to both Tapio Wirkaala and Bo Borgstrom (for Aseda).  :roll:  It measures 21cm high and is tapered.  I have seen others which are cylindrical. 
Thank you for any help you can provide.   :D
Regards from the Rainy City.  Anne.

Aseda (Bo Bergstrom) is the most likely author of your vase; the Wirkkala misattribution comes from someone who has an "Aha!-Erlebnis" every time a teardrop turns up.  :lol:

Anne E.B.:
Thank you Ivo.   :D   You are a STAR!   :lol:  


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