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Help in identifying small dish/bowl. Murano or Scandinavian?

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Anne E.B.:
This is a small clear cased bowl (deeper red than actually shown).  It has a lovely silvery/crystal appearance around the edges.  Is this Murano?  If so, does anyone know who made it and when it was likely made?  How do I tell the difference between Murano and some Swedish pieces which have a very similar appearance?   :?
Thank you for any help or advice.
Regards - Anne   :oops:

Hi Anne,
There are many different artists that make this shape so it is hard to tell with certainty. I have seen the shape in Murano, Icet, and Chalet samples. One way I think has halped me in figuring out if a piece is Murano or not, is by how shallow/deep a bowl is. In ICET and Chalet samples I've noticed that the dishes are very shallow and thick. Im not too familiar with Scandinavian makers, so I cant say if it is Scandinavian.
Maybe there are other members that have seen similar pieces with actual labels and can let you know.
Hope this helps you out a little.

Anne E.B.:
Thank you for your comments Javier.  :lol:  My little dish is 2" high and 0.5" thick- weighing 600g.   It may well be an ashtray as it has three "thingymabobs" ... not sure what you call them,  where cigarettes can rest.  I have heard of Chalet glass which I think is either American or Canadian, but not Icet.  Is this an American company?  I absolutely love glass but feel I need to attend G.A. (Glassoholics Anonymous!) to curb my compulsion to buy it!   The more I learn about glass, the less I actually know - if you know what I mean :?  Hopefully someone can identify the maker.
Thanks once more Javier!
Regards - Anne.


--- Quote --- I absolutely love glass but feel I need to attend G.A. (Glassoholics Anonymous!)
--- End quote ---

Would you like to join the club Anne?   :D  :D   The Glassoholics meet up in London quite regularly.    :D  :D

Anne E.B.:
Nice thought Max, but its 'eck of a way to cycle on me bike from up 't'north!   :lol:


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