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Author Topic: What is this? Murano-ish Manta like bowl?  (Read 651 times)

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What is this? Murano-ish Manta like bowl?
« on: June 22, 2007, 12:35:11 AM »

Does anyone have any idea what this is? Is it just an unusual style of doing a bowl? I call it my manta bowl as it looks like a swimming manta ray. It has a base, but also has a hole in the top like you could hang it if you wanted. Unless the hole was used for producing purposes.
Measures 29cm from tip to tip, 12cm across. Weight, just under 1 1/2 kg.

The top of it has more white with larger orange parts of glass while underneath is more speckled effect with blue and brown and orange. Weird description I know, but Im still pretty bad on more 'technical' terms. And I know it must irritate the more knowledgeable of people out there, but I wont learn by keeping quiet  :-X

Manta bowl  http://glassgallery.yobunny.org.uk/displayimage.php?pos=-7585
Manta base  http://glassgallery.yobunny.org.uk/displayimage.php?pos=-7588
Hole closeup  http://glassgallery.yobunny.org.uk/displayimage.php?pos=-7589


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