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Incalmo Technique? - Venini EggTimers + More

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--- Quote ---Have a look at Javier's website! He's got some super pieces
--- End quote ---

I want VENINI!!   :evil:  :evil:  <stamps very tiny and elegant foot>

As an irrelevant footnote, the lovely Peter had a piece of glass that made me get all emotional....It was a cased bowl with layers of lattimo and bubbles in white, gold and PINK!   I said, between blubbing, that it was like 'a baby's ear'.  Mind you, it'd be a blooming BIG baby, as it was HUGE!   :lol:  :lol:


--- Quote from: "Max" ---bubbles in white, gold and PINK!   I said, between blubbing, that it was like 'a baby's ear'.  
--- End quote ---

In that case, you'll *love* the Archimede Seguso 'Bollicine' bowl / plate  on Javier's site  

It ain't an ear, but it's quite 'anatomical' - IMHO  :roll:  :oops: - and totally gorgeous  :shock:  :oops:  :roll:  :oops:  :shock:      


On the topic of incalmo, I wonder if anyone can help me out with this piece ?

I've recently bought this piece on Ebay (in fact it's in the post at the moment) and wondered if anyone is able to hazard an attribution ?

It resembles (to my entirely unbiased eyes  :twisted: !) the picture of two glasses by Riccardo Liccata on Angela's site - half way down.

Thoughts anyone ?

Taylog1 (Gareth)

Interesting piece of glass Taylog.  

You might (correct me if I'm wrong here) get more attention for your item if you start a new thread.  Otherwise it's possible only the people 'watching' this thread will see it.

If I'm right, perhaps Frank could move this?  :)

Hi Cathy and Max,  
Thanks for the comments on the Vase. I am not sure about attribution yet, but think it is a Seguso piece because of the colors used.

And Max, on Venini pieces, I do have other Signed pieces but they arent for sale :wink: I think they are too nice to give up at the moment.

Hi Taylog1
Cool vase, is it controlled bubbles inside the white?
You can certainly post it on a new thread, just let me know and I can change it.



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