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Perhaps Royo were handled by the same wholesaler that handled Moser and the misattribution resulted from that?

Speculation, speculation. Hopefully Ivo finds the answer in Spain and rounds the thread off.

Mike M:
I've been looking long and hard at a couple of bits of Royo I have to hand at the moment -comparing them to the Repronews comments

strangely quite a few do not agree

-nice ground pontil on one

-no pitting etc

-few bubbles

BUT the wear on the bottom, the gold and other enamelling -I've been over them with a fine loupe:

I'd say one might be 40 years old max (being very generous here) and the other isn't 20 years old.

Pretty damning!

Lets just say whoever made these ones did it quite recently, definetely not around 1925!



Mine is rather lovely with butterflies and has no discernable wear to the base and no defects in the glass.  There's a 'T' shape where the pontil rod would have been, I assume caused by cold shears.

My green Royo vase has very dull gilding and it's worn in places. There are a few tiny bubbles inside the glass but that's it.

The "Arte Catalan" sticker -provided it is not a retail label - at least limits it down to Cataluña - so Royo is probably not made in Toledo but in Barcelona.
I managed to stay away from all the tourist traps and have seen NO GLASS AT ALL while in Spain.


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