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I'd love to see this one cracked, I've never believed these were a Moser product.  

 I wonder what  information this attribution was originally based upon?


I'm not too sure who started it but I know that Gary Baldwin perpetuated the myth on page 137 of his book "Moser Artistic Glass Edition Two" where he attributes a enamelled charger signed "Royo" circa 1925 to Moser.

It was published in 1997, note that it's "Edition Two."   I've never seen the first edition, so I'm not sure if the Royo attribution is made there as well.  I don't recall seeing it made in any other glass books, with the exception of a few price guides (that I probably wouldn't put a lot of credence into them anyhow).   I do not believe Royo is mentioned in the Mergle Moser book (excellent book BTW).

The quality isn't the same as known Moser pieces I've seen or own, but I wonder if the glass could possibly be lower end Moser blanks (going out on a limb here)?


Mike M:
Its interesting that if you go the the bible of glass marks (Glassmarken Lexikon - Hartmann) he atributes both 'Royo' and 'Cire' to Moser c1920 - more importantly he notes that he bases this solely on 'Baldwin' - no other reference is mentioned - quoting Baldin as having a copyright date of 1988 -presumably the 1st edition.

I've been to Barcelona and seen tons of both (Cire and Royo) in antique shops, with owners adamant that it was locally produced (and very old) -but they would say that.. (yes the prices were sky high)

We also have to take into account Moser did produce massive quantities of glass in many styles - much of it utility and cheap! I'm not surprised Moser says they didn't make Royo.  Come to think of it, I'm told 20 years or so ago Stuart said they never did enamaelled glass either!

So is it Moser or not? Perhaps we'll never know -its amazing the power of one reference in one book. Personally I like a good mystery! But as one source book quotes it as Moser, that's probably the label I'll leave on it when selling the stuff (but without the sky high prices).

cheers all


"So is it Moser or not? Perhaps we'll never know"?????? :?

I thought i just clarified that by showing a listing on EBAY with a contemporary "Made in Spain" label.

Am I missing something here?? Does Moser have a mystery factory in Spain??????

Royo / Cire enamelled glass was NOT made by can that be made any clearer?? :shock:



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