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More lighting!

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They were made by a lot of companies so it is not surprising that lots are awful... probably just churned them out with a lot of random variation to fill numbers.

Ages ago Sue started this thread on lighting and I intended to photograph the shades I mentioned and never managed to do so. Now I have, so the blobby shade and the clamshell are in the gallery...

Blobby shade - unknown maker...  unlit and lit...

Clamshell shade and chrome fittings... one of a pair... unlit and lit...

Thanks Anne! :D  I agree, these are nice. What I like about your blobby one is that it's not really quite blobs of colour on white, but the white seems to be blobbed, squeezing the colours inbetween the spaces. When lit it looks as if you get a lovely soft light from it. I particularly like your clam shell fittings, and they're gorgeous lit! Very Deco and luxurious. :D

Can't currently see your images Sue - suspect a problem with TinyPic.

--- Quote ---Clamshell shade and chrome fittings... one of a pair... unlit and lit...
--- End quote ---

Anne, I have always referred to these as 'ODEON' light shades as I'm sure they were used in the lovely old Art Deco cinemas from the 1930s :)

Glen, I have seen some examples of Carnival lightshades - a pity they have to put up out of sight!

I can also post a few lampshades if you're interested.

David E.

You could be right David. I also used to have three of those wonderful ex-cinema airchairs - the ones the arms went up and down on, and they all came from the same house in Kent. (Had them until my ex decided they were old fashioned and sent them to the tip and replaced them with a horrible modern 3-piece suite. They were sooooo comfortable and adaptable!)

Yes please to your lampshade photos. :)


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