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Another Carnival Glass Question...

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I finally went back to Morecambe to find the Carnival bowl mentioned a while back in a different post, and it was still there, so I parted with my pennies and brought it home. Yes, I know I don't like Carnival... but my Mum does, so it's for her... but first I'm trying to find out who made it.

At David Doty's website I managed to identify the patterns on the bowl... it's one of those with one design on the inside and an entirely different one outside - just to confuse me! It measures 8" diameter and 3" high and is orange (marigold?).

David's website gives the pattern outside as Curved Star (maker: any of Brockwitz/Eda/Karhula). The inside he also ID's as Headdress. Now here's the rub... David says:

--- Quote ---Both U.S. Glass' Cosmos and Cane and Brockwitz' Curved Star are found with a pattern called Headdress on the interior of some pieces. While similar in some respects, it's obvious that the Cosmos and Cane version (on the left) is quite different from that of Curved Star (right). The Cosmos and Cane version is seen on large and small bowls; the Curved Star on the interior of bowls and sugar bowls.
--- End quote ---

The Curved Star pattern on David's site is here:
and the Headdress pattern is here:

Now the Headdress pattern inside my bowl is the one on the left of the above page, which David says appears with the Cosmos and Cane pattern not the Curved Star pattern and yet my bowl definitely has the Curved Star outside not the Cosmos and Cane. I told you I was confused!

I'd love to know if the bowl I've bought is Brockwitz or someone else, and how come a Brockwitz/Eda/Karhula bowl has a US Glass pattern inside!? Any help or info would be most welcome. :)

(I can post pics of the new bowl as soon as I can find where himself has hidden the digicam!)

Hi Anne,

I can't answer your questions, but maybe I can offer a different view of "Carnival" that you may find more to your taste (or maybe not). Here's a pic of one (of two) clear glass versions of the "Curved Star" / "Cathedral" piece shown in David's site, that has been called a "Chalice" and a "Celery Vase":

I bought mine in the early 90's as examples of what I considered "intricate patterns in pressed glass", before I knew that the same items also came as 'Carnivalised'. The clear glass, however, is not of the best quality. I wonder how many other Carnival pieces are also found in clear? Perhaps Glen knows?

Hi Kev,

Thanks for the clear glass one... doesn't it look different?  :roll:  It's interesting to see the variations in colours like this. From what I gathered from some of Glen's posts many designs were produced in both carnival and plain colours as well as clear flint glass. Captures the whole market that way I suppose!   8)  

To be honest I preferred David's carnival version to the clear one... oh no... am I becoming susceptible to carnival now...?  :shock:

Anne -

Why don't you e-mail David.  His e-mail address is on the home page of his site.

He has always been willing to provide clarification for me when I have e-mailed him.

Maybe he has the text or images reversed on the one page  :?:

Connie, thanks for the suggestion. I hadn't thought of doing that or that the images could be reversed. I'll drop him a line and see if he can help. Thanks again. :)


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