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Huge pop-art looking vase - Is it Murano???


Anne E.B.:
This is a huge clear cased, red white and blue pulled feather type decoration vase measuring almost 15" high and approx. 7" at its widest.  White interior.   It has a very pop art retro look to it, and I can just see it displayed in a 60s pad.  If my instinct is right, it is Italian, possibly Murano.  Can anyone verify please.  I would love to know who might have made it and when, and what the actual technique is called.  I am hoping to sell this.  It doesn't quite go with the glass I already have, although I think its really snazzy!   8)
Many thanks.
Regards - Anne.

Anne, In looking in  Pina's book "Italian glass century 20" your piece  looks very much like Carlo Moretti's marble vases. This might be a possibility and a direction you might search. Hope this helps, Terry

Florentine, perhaps inspired by Moretti - but not made by ~.
You'd normally find these with a large scroll shaped gold foil sticker.

Hi Anne, I recently sold a similar vase with a label reading "VB Opaline Florence Made In Italy".  I'm not sure what the VB stands for, Ivo?

I think it is Vetreria di Borgonovo, but not entirely sure - it is not a collector's area per se. The label is the the one I hinted at earlier.


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