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Help with identifying label please = Plum Blossom Glass

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Hi Everyone,
I am hoping that someone can shed some light on this label please.  It is round in shape with a black background and gold lettering "PBG MADE IN CHINA".  It has a stylised flower over the letter B.  Any help with identification  will be gratefully received!

Frantic Polisher said:
--- Quote ---It's Chinese & made by 'PBG'
--- End quote ---

But ... is it known that "PBG" actually is a glass making company? And is it known whether the company is in China? If so, do we know the location (China is an awfully large place) and do we have any information on how long the company has been operating?

Or is "PBG" perhaps an exporter in China or an importer in some other country? What do we actually know for sure about labels that give a "name" and "Made in XYZ"?

Thee are a lot of glassworks in China but a lot of the exporting is handled by trading companies so direct links to glassworks are not always achievable.

With the sheer volume of glass coming from there now, hopefully someone will spend a few years documenting them. :?

Tony H:
Hi bubblebud
Have you seen an artical on Chinese reprodutions by Angela
your piece may be from the same company.

Tony H

So is it Plum Blossom Glassworks :P


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