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Is this Monart?

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From the same house in Fife as my small Monart bowl with gold sprinkles,I found this shallow dish with rather larger sprinkles of silver(coloured?) metal.

It measures 20cm across and is 3 cm deep.Pontil and base have been ground away.TIA.

Hi Steve,

Yes, the silver flakes are mica which looks lustrous white outside glass. There used to be a story that it was introduced in 1935 for the Silver Jubilee. As with most of the tales around Monart that got disproved recently.

Thanks Frank.As that is mica,I'm glad it's safely encased in the glass.Bet it wasn't too healthy for the workers.

If the mica wasn't specifically introduced for the Silver Jubilee,was it already in use then or didn't it come until later?

Thanks again.

:D I thought it was meant to be from Woolworths, the Christmas snow, so that these pieces are thought to be made in winter. Is that not from your Ysart book, Frank? (I don't have a copy, but I've read it).
Cheers, Sue


--- Quote from: "chopin-liszt" ---(I don't have a copy, but I've read it)
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Tsk, how is a writer supposed to make a living :(  - Happy to sell you a BRAND NEW copy for only €260 including postage, signature optional.

All other questions are answered here. except that Mica is chemically inert and thus unlikely to lead to health issues for workers.


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