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Carnival Question - ID = Imperial Fashion punch bowl base

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A while ago my mother-in-law asked me to sell some Carnival glass for her.  She had had it some time - wasn't sure quite how long - and wanted the cash more than she wanted the glass  :(   

I am not a fan of Carnival glass, so I just put it on ebay at fairly low prices.  But then my daughter-in-law came to visit, saw one piece and loved it, so she 'bought' it for a nominal sum and m-i-l was quite pleased that it was at least staying 'in the family'   ::)

The other pieces I was able to identify and they sold for reasonable, though not very exciting prices.  However, I was unable to identify the piece my d-i-l took   :-\   She still has it and loves it - it takes pride of place on her antique (dark wood) table, where I have to admit it does look quite good   :o - but I would love to know something about it, as I admit other threads about Carnival glass have aroused my interest somewhat  ::)

Here's a (very poor - taken on an old mini digital camera) pic. I apologise for the quality  Mod: Link dead but see pics below

Can anyone tell me what it is?


Hi Leni - it's the base to a Fashion punch bowl. Turn it the other way would then have a large bowl placed onto it. There would also be 6 cups plus metal hooks. "Fashion" was made by the Imperial Glass company (Bellaire, Ohio) USA.

A lot of carnival was multi-purpose (part of the marketing strategy) so punch bowl bases could be used upturned as you have here. In fact sometimes the bases were used as vases or compotes.

I have a single base too (no top) that I pop another large bowl on and fill with fruit. Looks magnificent!


As an afterthought, Leni, you could very possibly find yourself a Fashion punch bowl top on eBay. I have seen them for sale before on UK eBay.

We visited son & d-i-l over the holiday w'end and I took the opportunity to have another look at the 'vase' 

I must admit I am surprised and puzzled at the idea of it being used 'upside-down' as a base for a punch-bowl, as the 'top' edge is very wavy and it doesn't look as if it would stand very securely  I must admit I didn't get it down from the shelf to try, as we were a bit too busy playing with the twins in the hot-tub  However, I trust Glen's judgement! 

I don't think d-i-l is interested in acquiring a bowl for on top of it though, she is just happy to have it standing on her shelf, the same way up it has always been

Personally, it's still not to my taste   Sorry, Glen 


You don't have to "trust my judgment" can look at a contemporary ad that was shown in a circa 1915 "Lee manufacturing" catalog. The item featured is an Imperial "Fashion" punch set.

I tried to find an eBay auction that might show you a photo of a set - there isn't an active one.

I understand your concern about the ruffling on the edge, but it really does work alright. The punch set is actually very stable when set up. Not all (Carnival) punch bases are as ruffled as that. Some are in fact very flat, while others have more shaping. (Imperial did that more than the other makers).

You don't have to apologise for not liking Carnival Glass, Leni. We are all different (and there's a whole lot of other glass that I see on this board that leaves me cold). I simply like to try and help, and to give information with regard to Carnival and its history when I can - I'm not trying to start a fan club for it   ;)



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