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Possible Stevens and Williams Alabaster Glass? ID: Almost certainlyS&W Alabaster

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Bernard C:
Frank — Stevens & Williams changed name to Royal Brierley Crystal in 1931, although they may not have used the name Royal Brierley in the USA.   You may recall my speculation on the previous Glass Message Board about the name Vernay (see a 1939 example), which could have been a RB trading name in the USA, or the name of a S&W / RB product range, USA only, USA and Canada only, or worldwide.

As regards Alabaster, it was made from 1914 (Jackson, 20th Century Factory Glass) to the 1930s, so should almost always be attributed to S&W / RB as it is usually impossible to date it within this production period.   Barbara's fine example dates from 1922, so can be positively attributed to S&W as it was made before the change of name.

Bernard C.  8)

Hi Bernard,

I am so pleased that you like it, and it seems to be be what I thought.

If you would like to buy it, I would love to offer it to you, so if you would like to mail me at


and we can talk tactics :wink: .


I like that Vernay one! Do you have one for sale Bernard :lol:

Bernard C:

--- Quote from: "Frank" ---I like that Vernay one! Do you have one for sale Bernard?
--- End quote ---

Not exactly, Frank, but I do have a wonderful RB tazza which is something of a mystery and may fit in with the Vernay theme.

As for S&W/RB Alabaster, I have just bought a small collection of five items in three colours, four lidded; and can confirm that all these examples have the S&W/RB top-of-the-range "Feature" pontil finish, like Barbara's.

Bernard C.  8)


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