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Possible Stevens and Williams Alabaster Glass? ID: Almost certainlyS&W Alabaster

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Oh, thanks  Leni,

I got something right :lol: , nothing to do with glass mind you, but still its a start :wink:


Bernard C:
Barbara — S&W / RB Alabaster is difficult as there is at least one other range, probably more, all very similar.   I don't even have a definitive list of colours, although orange is known.   Documentation is poor, typical of most S&W / RB.

Of one point I am certain.   I would be very wary of any identification of Alabaster from photographs, unless it matched exactly a well-documented piece.   Your bowl is similar in shape to Sotheby's 1998 RB Collection sale lot #265, but the proportions are slightly different, possibly a function of size.

Best to take it to a glass fair and/or museum and obtain several opinions.

And please will all those putting up a piece for Id include country of purchase, any known provenance, dimensions, weight, and a photograph of the pontil mark.   It may not help, but it could.

Bernard C.  8)

Hi Bernard,

Here is the base, and it is about 4" tall and 5" wide.

it is white, and does look like alabaster. It does have white inclusions in the orange (which is a pale tangarine colour really) that I think might have come when they added the base.

Hope this is of more help.


Bernard C:
Barbara — In my inexperienced opinion you are the owner of one of the most beautiful and perfect examples of British glass I have ever seen.   I have no doubt whatsoever that it is S&W Alabaster.   I am green (or, perhaps, orange) with envy.

Please obtain other opinions, as I have seen and handled very little S&W / RB Alabaster.

... and please let me know if you ever consider selling it, although note that such glass rarely achieves a price commensurate with its fabulous quality.

Bernard C.  8)

What does RB mean?


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