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Nice Carnival rose bowl ID: "Sunburst", probably L.E. Smith

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While trying to research this piece, I got very confused.  I was seeing whirling stars in my sleep!  What can I expect to sell this for? Thank you.

I don't have a lot of time to write (on my way out right now) but this is a modern item. Looks like L E Smith, Hobstar & Pinwheel, but hopefully someone else will jump in and correct or confirm.


I agree with Glen.  Definitely a contempory piece.

As to what you can expect to sell it for - as with all pieces - what someone is willing to pay.  I posted a piece on ebay about a month ago.  It had a "book" value of $250.  I received three bids over $600, and it finally ended at $683.  The buyer was delighted.  In contrast, I had also posted a piece that had a "book" value of over $1,200.  It received one bid for $9.99.

Isn't this late/post Victorian pressed lustre/iridescent glass?

I'm sure that I've seen similar on BBC Flog It prog.At auction,I seem to rember that one of these items(or maybe it was a group) went for £30-£40
but another piece went for almost nothing.

Sorry,but my recollection is a little hazy and even a couple of glasses of wine(medicinallly) has not improved my memory.  8)

Linda - as a PS, I think the original pattern/moulds may well have been McKee. I know that L E Smith did some shapes in this pattern, and I am fairly sure they were using old McKee moulds. However, I am fairly sure that Fenton  have used this pattern ("Sunburst") too but I cannot be 100% certain of the shapes (probably a vase and pitcher).

Can you check and see if there is a cursive F on the base of the item? And hopefully anyone who is very "au fait" with the huge amount of modern Carnival that has been produced will be able to help us

SteveM - it is contemporary Carnival Glass, not classic old Carnival. The date for the start of production of Carnival is usually given as c. 1907-1908. However, Carnival is also still being made today.

Re. the Flog It programme that featured some Carnival fairly recently - I wrote to the programme's producers and complained that they had given out very misleading information regarding the Carnival they showed (in fact they were factually incorrect on a number of points). I had a reply in which they acknowledged what I said and agreed that their "experts" were not really very au fait with Carnival Glass.

The value of Carnival can go from a few pounds / dollars right up to thousands and thousands and thousands.



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