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Studioglas Strömbergshyttan Blaljus candlelight- Torstensson
« on: February 19, 2006, 03:02:25 AM »
:roll: This candlelight comes from Studioglas Strömbergshyttan, located near the old Strömberg Glassworks site in Smäland, Sweden.  We watched the master glassblowers at work in this small studio operation in 2000 (I do not think that I would wear shorts and sandals while I was handling molten glass!).
This blown crystal studio piece is designed by Jonas Torstensson, called Bläljus from his "Swedish Collection" of ball shapes in the colours of the Swedish flag (blue globe, partly transluscent, with raised yellow splash, 80mm high x 100mm wide).  Labelled and engraved "27 71 JT Sg Strömbergshyttan".  I bought this in New Zealand.
More information at and other items from the Studioglas Strömbergshyttan designers are listed at .
The younger freelance designers are innovative, though their limited edition studio designs are expensive.
"Jonas Torstensson:  He got his training at the Nyckelvik School and The School of Art, Crafts and Design in Stockholm 1980-1985. In 1986 he became a designer at Lindshammar Glasswork and since 1989 he also works for the glass atelier of Gullaskruf.  Jonas Torstensson is represented at art galleries and museums in Sweden as well as abroad. I.e. at Galleri Ikaros, Göteborg and Art Glass Centre B.V. Holland -91 and others. Ornament also belong to his domain and he has among other things ornamented Botvid Center and Kommundata -91.
Jonas Torstensson is looking for the unexpected and the spontaneous in order to get new impressions, which he strengthens later on. The prerequisite of the artistic work of Jonas Torstensson is that each material has its own conditions as to colour and working up possibilities.
Education: 1980 - The Nyckelvik School, the metal side, preparatory artistic training.  1981 - 85 The School of Arts, Crafts and Design, the side of industrial design, advanced artistic training.
Work:  1986 - Free-lance artist/designer.  1986 - 89 Designer at Lindshammar Glassworks."
When you own a new hammer, everything looks like a nail??
John (in Scandi corner 44 South, New Zealand.)



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