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Oval Sunburst Mark


Acid Etched Oval Sunburst mark

Any clue who used this acxid etched mark.

It is on the bottom of an oval jade green glass console or fruit bowl. The bowl is unusual in that it has a narrown flatedge rim which almost looks like it was cut then fire polished.  The bottom has a cut and ground rim foot.

The whole bowl

This came from an antique mall in MD.  The piece intrigued me because the color resembles Fenton jade green glass but the technique, shape  and finish does not fit Fenton.  Then I saw the mark and was totally puzzled.

Is it a sunburst or a chrysanthemum? Tips look to be rounded whereas a sun would have pointed tips. There are lots of sun-marks in Hartmann but nothing like this.

Have you also trawled through our collection of marks on glass links?,831.0.html

Hello Frank -

Yes, I have looked through all the marks pages linked. It could be a chrysanthemum rather than a sun - the edges are blunted. It is very hard to see.

Bumping this back up because I can't believe what I just stumbled across.  While looking up something else, I saw this page in Fenton Art Glass 1907-1939 by the Whitmyers.

Even though the bowl is Lilac, the same ware no. is listed as being made in Jade Green in 1931.

So what in the heck is the oval rayed mark  :o


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