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Re: DIY paperweight stands
« Reply #10 on: June 27, 2007, 10:51:32 PM »
Hi all

I use perspex for stands and do the same as Allan suggested - cut around the shape of the stand as it it had been flattened out. I am lucky and have a good quality motorised fret saw so this is easy.

I then sand all the edges with Silicon Carbide paper 240 grit.

Now the difficult bit, the bending - this is difficult because you need to bend the perspex in two planes. Its not good just heating up the perspex as you will NEVER bend it accurately along the lines.

The first trick is to make a mould - I make mine from wood this accurately mirrors the 2 angled lines you need to bend AND allows you to bend the perspex to the required angle - around around 135 degrees in the other plane.

Now clamp the base of the stand onto the base of the mound - this will leave the two wings that need to be bent, clear of the mound.

The second trick - forget boiling water - I use a cheap heat gun with a very narrow nozzle - I apply this to the area where the bend is required and after a few seconds it is simple to bend the wing over to the required angle - repeat the process for the other wing and you have your stand.

Best regards


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Re: DIY paperweight stands
« Reply #11 on: June 28, 2007, 09:41:52 PM »
hi karel, here is another suggesion, next time you are in the supermarket find the deodorants, look for right guard, take off the plastic cap, turn upsidedown and imagine a paperweight displayed on it. i have tried it and it works! the higher the dome of the weight the better it works, just as the shallower the dome the less it works. there may be tops that work better, but i just had some right guard to hand.

kindest regards theglassnut...


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