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Scandinavian? But Who?


Hi everyone,

  I picked up these two vases today but I don't know who made them. Orrefors? The tall one is 7 1/4" tall and has what I think says "U3048" on the bottom. The little tiny miniature one is only 3 1/4" tall and I can't read the first numbers but the last ones are "2298" I think! I can't seem to get a picture of the numbers, I can try again tomorrow. I know this isn't much to go on but if someone could just tell me what to look for maybe I could get this right. Any help is always appreciated.

Thanks! CathyG

if you have a flatbed scanner you can use that to blow up the sigs - works better than the best camera as long as the scribble is on a flat surface.

The signatures do not necessarily come from a glass manufacturer - especially Kosta supplied lots of blanks for individual engravers.  I agree they would be Swedish. I have an identical piece (the small one) somewhere, which is Orrefors (Of#xxxx); the larger one could be Johansfors or Kosta...

Thanks Ivo!



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