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strange little paperweight

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my 1st thoughts were it was lucite, until i picked it and turned out to be glass,  small only 1.25" sq, made in china? but the birds are pot/clay sat on a tree branch, i don't think the little china men would have made these in mass production due to sulphide are hard to mix with glass, but i could be wrong, anyone else have any other ideas?

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Hi Ray,

I have not seen items like these and I have no idea where they may have been made. But once the technique of successfully enclosing ceramic in glass has been understood, there is no reason why any glassworker anywhere could not make them in quantity - perhaps with some being regularly rejected but enough ok to make it worthwhile.

:lol: I know, for a change!

This one is flat and was made in Hong Kong c1998, 35mm high


That's interesting about Hong Kong production. But is the fish etc., ceramic rather than lampworked glass?

There are loads of Chinese versions of the lampworked Murano (Cenedese?) "Fish Tank" designs.

Yup, must be different maker. But I guess that it would be SE Asia somewhere, being produced for souvenir trade by a VERY low budget operation.

One future plan is to create a page on my site 'Noah's Ark' to try and get some of the glass lampwork etc. Animals, can add yours to that Ray - eventually we will get an ID.


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