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Perthshire PP20 with an Ysart stone?? ID = not PY stone or cane


I know Perthshire produced fantastically precise papaerweights, but the more I look at this PP20 and particularly the central cane, the more I think this could have been produced by Paul!!

I've got a Perthshire comparison, and they are very different beasts indeed! The central cane that intrigues me is actually found in known Ysart paperweights - see plates 173 and 174 in Ysart Glass and the paperweight illustrated on page 127 in Robert Halls 'Scottish' book.

Views would be appreciated!!

Mod: Incorrect links deleted. Can you confirm the links below are correct?

Your links are to incorrect images. For links to the GlassGallery photos always use the full URL shown in the details below each image.

I believe these are the ones you intended:

Could you please be more specific about the cane(s) you are comparing in the stated books. For example in the Scottish Paperweights book, there are two weights on that page and both have canes that coould, at a glance, be thought of as similar to the one in your weight.

For each weight referenced in the books, please say exactly where the cane you are referring to is situtaed in the weight and give a brief description (e.g. right-hand side, outer row, 4 o'clock position, 6 outer green and white canes with blue and white central canes). This way, a proper comparison can be made. Without this level of detail, it is easy to look at the wrong one and given that complex millefiori canes vary a lot in detail, even within very similar looking canes, we need to be sure that the whole complex cane is the same.

I am fairly sure that the cane in your weight is not a Paul Ysart cane and is not even from his father or brothers. But I would like to be sure about the canes you are comparing with.

Cathy B:
Hi cfosterk,

The links you originally used were the dynamic links (which appear in your address box at the top of the screen). The true links to your pictures are in the description underneath. If you can confirm that Kev's links are correct, then I can fix up your original post.


Update ... Although this thread was never finalised, it can be confirmed that the central canes in the weights shown in the links in Post #2 were not by Paul Ysart. At a distance, they may look similar to some of his canes but close analysis shows they are not; especially the Cross cane in the centre of one of those examples.


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