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More ID's- Seguso Scavo Vase & Goblet


Guess I figured this picture posting out and now I can draw upon all of your knowledge. The first item I believe is the scavo technique? Very heavy application than I have normally seen. The signature is very difficult to discern however we have another similar vase w/the Seguso label and that is clearly signed Seguso vetri d arte. The second item is a goblet w/a very unusual rough pontil in the inside of the bowl? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks,

Both vases have a signature. The signature on the handled vase is much clearer and it has the Seguso shield like label or a portion thereof. It has part of a number handwritten on the label "509"

We will probably sell the first scavo vase and want to confirm that it is in the scavo technique. Any idea as to its value? We will more than likely keep the handled/amphora style one as it looks great in our den! Thanks again!

Laura Friedman:
The vases are Scavo.

Hi Laura,
Thanks for your confirmation that these vasesare in the scavo technique. Just wasn't sure since it was so heavy. I will probably sell the one and keep the handled one since it is so perfect in my den.
Thanks again,

Hello Lenore,
I only saw 1 of the scavo vases, did I read you had 2 different ones? Also can you post the photo of the label with the vase, so we know which is which?

This was posted by Max on another topic, but meant for this one...

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Ivo's wonderful little A-Z Glass Fact File book says of Scavo:

The process where corrosive chemical material is added to the surface of hot glass to give a matt finish. The final piece has a rough textrue or 'excavated' look. Scavo vases are made by Maestri Muranesi and by Lafiore, Mallorca.

I Googled under both names earlier, but didn't come up with much. Anyway...there's some extra info.

Hi Again,
Okay, here is the handled vase w/the partial label and the clearer signature:
And, here is the second smaller vase w/the less clear signature and no label:
Both are awesome. They have a brownish root beer color galss with this very heavy "scavo" look!
Lenore 8)


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