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Isle of Man OR other copies of Isle of Wight's Minimal and Maximal range

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Does anyone have any ideas about a company Studio Glass Factory, in England, around 1980's... source

Seller has a lot in this vein...

(Title updated to reflect ID)

Looking at the colours and the metal leaf inclusion (would that be aventurine?) they remind me of Isle of Wight - could they be friggers or made by someone who used to work there?

Metal leaf inclusion can be anyone, I do not see any aventurine.

But what of the company claimed by the seller, not one that gets anywhere with Google? Note also that the seller has batches of similar goods which implies clearance sale lots. The golf club head has it label blacked out too ???

Looking at the seller's other items, they look like the sort of stuff I can buy from several local market traders. Round here they all go to the same wholesaler I think. I would say the same of the glass. Made abroad for a UK label. I'll keep my eyes open

Well, it's not unknown for gold inclusions in Chinese weights.



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