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Help ID Large Paperweight or Doorstop. THANKS

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I know nothing about paperweights and from the research that I have done I think it is a doorstop. It is 8 lbs.  Any ideas? Thanks so much!


Recent Chinese.

I would definitely call that a doorstop, but it's too pretty to be used to stop any doors.

It's a Chinese weight. ( I see someone else posted while I was dawdling over my reply!) I've seen a few of the doorstop sized ones on Ebay but the sellers wanted too much for them. I keep just watching and hopefully I'll see one more in my range.

Thanks for the help! Being that it is a recent Chinese is it machine made? Where do they sell these?


--- Quote ---Being that it is a recent Chinese is it machine made?
--- End quote ---
These are made just like any other paperweight of the type - by hand. Some workers make the lampwork elements, like the fish, and then other workers build up the complete item by enclosing all the parts in clear glass and shaping to the required finsihed form.

--- Quote ---Where do they sell these?
--- End quote ---
Anywhere they can. It's not so much where the Chinese makers sell their items as which bulk importers agree to take them ... and there are many that do so.


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