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Two More Items to Look At for Possible Ids


This first one is 4.75-inches tall, no markings.  The ball in the stem is aventurine with gold.

The next one is a yellow pinched vase with a handle?  Or would this be considered a small pitcher.  It's 5-inches tall.

Sorry to have bombarded you but I hit the mother-load in glass yesterday and am finding dead ends with these.  Thanks for your help!!!! :)

First one is Murano - but don't know if this is Barovier or Salviati, maybe someone in the Murano forum can tell.

The second one I would think is Lafiore from Mallorca, though there are similar products kicking around too. I'd need to handle it to be certain.

Thanks Ivo, I'll start researching in those areas!   8)


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