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Is this strickly designer glass meesage board?

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I have a product that bounces rocks off your auto glass. Do I fit In?
Here is my web site addrese
We use Nanotechnology.
Watch my videos

Not everyones cup of tea but some of us are interested in glass technologies too.  :)

I find that the amount of information is a bit limited, including the supplied links, and would be interested in links to more of the technology and its supporting research.

Funny, the other half and I were discussing the other day if Autoglass resin technologies would work on decorative glass as well.

Does it?

Yup -

Now when you get a plain empty, obviously cheap whisky glass you will have to test it with cooled liquid. So the new part of the pre-buying test kit will be a thermos flask of chilled water.  :o 8) ::)

But who will be the first on eBay to list a Jesus Miracle glass at $500,000

I can't wait to see it advertised on ebay with a special Mary toasted sandwich alongside....

We need a Joseph-y something to make a proper supper....


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