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signed Michael Haris?

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Sue C:
i wasn't sure if i should post this as it is live, but after what happened to Barbara with the last signed Miacael Harris piece i thought you would like to see it 120139807418 it just does'nt FEEL :-\ right if you know what i mean?

Looks more like Caithness and I don't think Michael was into pink, at least not at Mdina!!

Sue C:
Hi Christine, i thought that when i first saw it, and have you ever seen a Mdina piece that almost run's into clear? also it look's a bit
light, not as heavy as Mdina.

In agreement with you lot - it's nothing like any Mdina I've ever come across. I don't know an awful lot about Isle of Wight though - they did do various pink items but that shape doesn't look particularly IOW to me.  Oh well ... I contacted the seller through ASQ and suggested it might be worth running it past the Isle of Wight forum members to get their view on it.

Martyn K:
Michael Harris  ;D ;D ;D ;D

Not a chance....IMHO.... just about everything is wrong with this.

If it's Mdina at all (which I doubt) it's very new, to my knowledge MH signed his name in full not 'M Harris' and needle point engraved it.

I've had a few genuine signed pieces of his and seen lots with fake signatures (even own one myself) It's very tempting for some to add his signature to genuine Mdina and IOWSG as it has a large effect on the value, but this is a really poor attempt on a piece of glass I'm certain he would'nt recognise.


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