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looking for maker of vaseline opalescent lattice spot pattern


I just got this marmalade with lattice spot pattern.  It has a cranberry rim, box-style top rim, and a polished pontil.  Anyone know who made this particular spot pattern?

Mr. Vaseline Glass

Hi! :)
I have read that this "box-pleat" style crimped rim was a specialty of Stevens & Williams.
The opalescent pattern I don't know, but try checking out any known S&W patterns for anything similar.
Hop this helps a bit!

HeartOfGlass:  I found on the website (photo pages) that there is a crimped rose bowl in vaseline with that box crimp style, and they also say it is Stevens & Williams.  thanks for the tip!

That's great!
Very glad I could help point you in the right direction. It is a beautiful piece. :)

I also did a little more digging, and in Sue Davis' book: THE PICTORIAL GUIDE TO VASELINE GLASS, she shows a couple of pieces with an opalescent lattice pattern, that have Mat-Su-Noke decoration, which was also something that Stevens & Williams did, so that is further confirmation. 


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