Author Topic: Help please large Pink glass with opaline foot balloon shaped vase....  (Read 741 times)

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Hope someone here may recognize this type of glass. I purchased this from a seller in Australia. This is a large piece. Stands 13.5" in H. Looks like the top is blown. The stem however has 2 mold lines. Interesting to say the least....would like to find someone who know a direction to look for maker and age.(

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Very much Italian style opaline,  though hard to say if it was made in Murano or in Florence (Empoli region). In the first case it could possibly have been made by Nason. Perhaps the Murano board will produce more detail.

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Compare with the topic on my two ewers with identical feet:- Please help with two lovely pink ewers.

Here, amongst several replies, including a similar view to the one above by Ivo, was one by GMB member heartofglass (Marinka), who noted examples of similar glass with Murano labels.

Re your mould lines, note that I have been told on one of my visits to Murano that pressed glass components are quite usual in Murano glass.   The two examples I was given were the Murano lampwork peacock, which is now made from a pressed glass base to which the lampwork is added.   If it's all lampwork, then it is not Murano.   ... and chandeliers, which contain pressed components.

As Ivo said, once you have given this topic a couple of days airing on the Glass forum, you might find it productive to ask a moderator to tranfer it to the Murano forum.

Bernard C.  8)

ps — Any more opinions on my ewers, anyone?
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Thank you both for your replys.....I do not know how to ask a mod. to transfer the thread. Can you please tell me how to do that? THANKS so much!

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