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Any ideas of the maker re this piece of incalmo glass ?


Any thoughts on the maker of this piece of incalmo glass gratefully received - purchased recently from Germany - the buyer picked it up from a junk shop and knew nothing about it's background. This question is not a precurser for an Ebay listing, it's exactly what I collect, just would like to try and find out more from interest.

I'm fairly certain this is a trial piece, there are a number of stray bubbles in the clear glass, and the join between the two pieces of glass is quite dirty (see pic).

The slight champagne colour tinge you can see in a couple of the pictures is genuine, not a reflection.

Looking at the patterns of the bubbles that appears that they were made in a four part mould.

The base has a very thin wear ring around the outside (maybe 5mm wide). Then there's a band of say 10 cm with no wear, before the ground out pontil in the middle.

Absolutely no signatures, acid stamps etc. on the base.

My guess would be somewhere in Scandinavia, but that's just based on the look of the bubbles, but to honest, no clue.


Dear Gareth  :)

You've probably got the Scandinavian 'Smoke & Ice' book?  I was interested to see a bowl by Benny Motzfeldt for Plus Glasshytte (page57) which has a vaguely similar bubble and opaque effect.

The one in the book has very crude effect compared to yours. However, I wondered if Plus Glasshytte might be an avenue to explore?   :?


Thanks - definite possibilities, I'll look into it

I thought it might be Scandinavian because I thought the bubbles looked similar to some Kaj Franck bits:

Norwegian/Finnish, in the right part of the world maybe ?


Wow!  I see what you mean;  it appears an almost identical technique...although yours is in four 'sections' in the bubbled part.

I've got an old Oiva Toikka piece, and that has a curious champagne tinge too (up to this point, I'd been calling it 'straw', but champagne sounds much nicer  :D )

It'd be a good idea to ask Ivo for his input, but he's been missing recently - let's hope he pops back and has a look at this.   :D

And both Nuutajarvi-Notsjo. I've got a piece of Nyman's where you can clearly see the 4 bits of the mould that made the bubbles, but I suspect that's a common feature of a number of those moulds.

Ivo ?



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