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new book on Greentown glass


james measell:
I know many of you who are members of this egroup are interested in Victorian glass and pattern glass. The National Greentown Glass Association is just announcing the completion of a comprehensive book on Greentown and Greentown-related glass.

I’ve been involved with glass history research since the early 1970s and with numerous books on glass, and I can tell you that this is one SUPER book! You’ll learn about the nature of glassmaking, industry terminology, Jacob Rosenthal, and, of course, just about everything there is to know about Greentown glass and Greentown-related glass! It’s all there ... the patterns (from Austrian to Wild Rose) ... the transparent and opaque colors (from amber and Chocolate to Golden Agate and the ultra-rare Rose Agate) ... plus a wealth of information about related manufacturers McKee and Royal.

Below are excerpts from a press release just issued by the National Greentown Glass Association regarding this great new publication on Greentown glass:

(Greentown, Ind., June 1, 2005). The National Greentown Glass Association (NGGA) has just published "Greentown Glass: A Collector’s Guide." This 224-page publication pictures more than 1000 pieces of Greentown glass in full color and provides a detailed history of the Indiana Tumbler and Goblet glass factory that flourished in the Howard County town from 1894 to 1903.

“Many years of research by numerous people went into this project,” said book editor James Measell. “No other publication has ever offered this depth of information or such a wide variety of photos. This volume will be the definitive book on Greentown glass for many, many years to come.”

"Greentown Glass: A Collector’s Guide" is available from the National Greentown Glass Association, Box 107, Greentown, IN 46936. for $34.95 plus $3.85 for shipping/handling (Indiana residents add $2.10 sales tax). Order now, and books will be shipped right after the NGGA’s annual meeting on June 10-11, 2005. [added note: for international orders, go to the NGGA web site and query the webmaster regarding method of payment and shipping charges].

“There are chapters on the history of the plant and how the colors such as Chocolate glass and Golden Agate glass were made,” said NGGA Book Committee co-chairman Gary Buckley. “Other chapters discuss the interesting glass patterns and novelty items. The NGGA is very proud of this publication, and all the proceeds from its sale will benefit our organization’s projects.”

Founded in 1974, the National Greentown Glass Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, dedicated to research and education on the history of “Greentown glass,” products of the Indiana Tumbler and Goblet Co. and related manufacturers, 1894-1903.


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