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fucina degli angeli ?

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Another attribution question if I may ?

I bought this a few years ago via ebay from someone in Italy:

Thought it was just a nice paperweight.

But I recently bought the DK Collector's Guide 20th Century Glass - Judith Miller, and on Page 190 there's a picture of the Colomba vase, designed by Pablo Picasso and made by the La Fucina degli Angeli design
The red is the same as is the applied black glass, it even seems to have the same iridescent effect on the black in places, and you can see on the picture in the book that the base of the vase is cased also.

I thought my luck was in, and the website sems to have an attribution services - but all e'mails sent are bouncing back, so over to you guys, any thoughts ?


It may be. The style is similar to the famous works made by Egidio Costantini for Picasso. But the tecnique is very easy for the Murano level and there are several, really several master glassmakers able to make something like this. It looks a little bit as a 2nd draft piece or an experimental piece. Anyway if you say Fucina degli Angeli you are not far, if it wasn't made there it looks like.




Firstly may I congratulate you on an excellent site - may even turn me away from Scandinavian ! :lol:

I agree with your comments re the technique being repeatable by a good glassmaker - I suspect that the only way I'll know for certain is to get an attribution from Fucina degli Angeli themselves.

As I mentioned, their website seems to offer an attribution service - but not having any success sending e'mails to them - do you know whether they are still operating ? - if so it might have to be snail mail



During the years 1999-2001 everybody buided a website, also if they didn't have any idea about what it means and how to manage it. They just paied somebody to make one. So now more or less the 50% of the Murano factories have a web, but very very few have a working one. Normally after few weeks without traffic and businness (as normally is) they left the web at its destiny.
For Fucina degli Angeli may be the same, may be nobody is in charge to look at the e-mails.
I tried to look in our local the telephone giude, but nothing. It means that probably the company changed name, I suppose...



The official name is Centro Studio nell'Arte del Vetro....


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