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Pauly & C. Labels - Dates?

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Hi Everyone,
I just read a posting by Alex, in which he mentioned the older CVM Pauly & C. glass items he owned, and was curious to see if my piece and labels are concurrent with earlier pieces.
I did see my item on page 125 of "The Colours of Murano in the XIX Century" book by Arsenale & Junck and dated in the book from 1890, and just want to make sure the labels are correct for its age.

The circular label says PCV, and the other is the Pauly & C. label
Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Javier,

Your labels look newer than turn-of-the-century to me, perhaps 1930s or '40s?  A photo of the item would certainly help date it.

Pauly was more of a distributor than a factory, which is why you don't see things attributed to them in the literature.  Can you post a picture of your item?


Hello Laura!
Here's the photo, and the background is the book I saw the piece in...


What is the attribution they give in the book? I agree that the piece looks turn-of-the-century. Of course, they made these types of items later as well (and still today!).

Is it very lightweight?


Hi Laura,
The book attributes it to "Compagnia Venezia Murano"
Could the "P" stand for Pauly then?
The piece is very lightweight.

Any thoughts on it Alex?


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