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Odd looking vase with Rd No 543290 - ID = Whitefriars 916

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I got a vase yesterday with Rd No 543290 etched (I think) on the bottom, it's hand blown and the design seems to date to the early 1900's period.

It's chipped so probably won't be worth a great deal.

Photo's later.

The Glass Association Blue Book doesn't list that number TC, but has 543227 on 04/06/1909 and the next entry is 543329 dated 05/06/1909 so you can pretty much date it to either of those dates. I can't find who the design is registered by though.  :-\

Now that is a surprise, maybe it isn't a glass company registration number?

Here it is, told you it was odd.  ;D

I'm not sure if it has a second use as the vase could easily be turned the other way and used as a stand for something. There's some wear on both rims.

This shows a few oval cuts or polishing's around the vase. The rim has then been folded over this cut/polished pattern, neat.

16 raised ribs on the vase (inside and out). That jagged effect is an optical illusian.

Neatly snapped off pontil and 16 ribs on the base.

Registraion number 543290

It's relatively light in weight for it's size, though it's not very thick glass.

I would suspect it was inteded to be flat top up and came with something else so the pontil was covered


Could well be it was designed to work both ways up. It was very common in the Victorian era to make vases that could be turned over to act as a base for a dessert/fruit bowl/punch bowl.




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