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Caithness Paperweight - but what is it?


This dome shaped weight which I picked up last week is engraved Caithness Scotland around the base rim but there is no name for the weight nor a number. The weight has an ice blue speckled area from base to 1/3 of height which appears to represent the ocean. There is  design on the surface of the weight consisting of wavy lines with a shepherd's or bishop's crook coming out of them. Does anyone know anything about it?


it may have been commissioned by a company as an advertising item.
Perhaps there's a site for company logos that you can look through.
There again it might not be....


I have one, but I do not know the name of it !!!

something to do with swimming?

:D Hello, Just an idea, but could we be back onto horoscope signs? Water, the symbol for Aquarius and the other bit looks a bit like the sign for Leo. Perhaps a romantic connotation?


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