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Graal vase - ID = Jonathan Winfisky

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Can anyone tell me anything about this piece it is marked on the base with wm fisty or it coud be winfisty 1981 10/15 it is a sweet vase  and about 4" tall

I think it is grall, I also have a large fish graal by Orrefors and they compare well, is graal when they paint on the glass and then encase the glass again?

No, the paint and case technique is fairly recent innovation intended to give a graal like appearance - fortunately it is usually used nowadays to exploit its own nature. Colours tend to be more gaudy.

Graal is made by casing a number of colours onto the usually clear parison ground and then a design is added by sandblasting. etching or carving. then the parison is heated up and dipped in clear before blowing to shape.

It is time consuming and requires very high skills from the glassmaker - there is a very high failure rate, either cracking or design distortion, and hence the high cost. Lindean Mill's first attempts to create graal panels was a complete failure with every single piece breaking. They later succeeded for the Millenium clock work.

The above example is not graal.


Nicky, the maker of your beautiful vase is Jonathan Winfisky!   :D

He also makes paperweights!  Woohoo!   :D

He has his own website -


Franks definition is right on. UnfortĂșnately, I do not agree with his assessment that many crack at least not
in the Swedish factories.
If they crack, the gaffer has not annealed them properly or discovered whether or not the colors are compatabile.
If not, they will crack because of the different coefficients
 of the colors and the clear glass.

Paradise Paints in California developed a paint which can be used to paint a blank and then overlay it with clear without oxidizing the paint. David Hopper, glass artist, owns this company. In other words, the painted image remains. Ulrica Hydman Vallien has used this paint when designing glass.
Bill Geary


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