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glasswizard:  This is a four piece set I bought and was wondering if it could be Cedenese. The bowl is massive 10 inches across and 4 inches high at the highest point. The bowl weighs almost 10 pounds and it doesn't show in the picture, but there is also a band of the blue in the bowl and it matches the ducks quite well. Terry

I was about to be flippant and say definitely not cedenese, but might be cenedese,  :D , but then I googled cedenese and quite a few results came up, so maybe there is a cedenese as well as the more common cenedese :lol:

It is "cenedese," despite how many ebayers miswrite it.  The set could be by them, but it is more likely to be by Alfredo Barbini.


:oops: All right, confession time!!!! I have to be the Worlds worst speller and stand corrected. Thanks Terry

:D Useful to know, though! You might pick up a bargain by searching with the wrong spelling! :lol:


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