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Any info please on green cut cased vase


Can anyone tell me anything about this great little vase that I picked up at my last outing to the auction?  It's 5" or so tall and wide and has a polished ground pontil, with a bit of wear on the base so I doubt it's new.  I'm not sure if it's correct to call it cased or flashed glass, or maybe something else altogether?  There are no other marks on it.  Unusually for me, it seems to be in perfect condition.

Val St. Lambert ??? Just a guess to jump into it  :-X

I did wonder about Val St Lambert but didn't have confidence in my guess, not having seen any of their output in the flesh.  Or maybe something Czech?

Sue C:
You could look here
Hope it helps :)

Thanks Sue,
I have checked this site and found something very similar (Green Amande Vase), in terms of cut and general look, so I think Val St-Lambert fits the bill pretty well.  :)


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