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Peacock Paperweight
« on: July 30, 2007, 06:19:00 PM »
Can you tell us anything about the maker and date of the peacock paperweight? I have a rather nice one of those but no history with it.
Angela asked this in the market place and I thought I would bring it here as I am also intrested!
As far as I am lead to believe these were originaly made in Murano, havent got an idea by whom, but later where heavily copied by the chinese.  My understaning is that technically it is a rather simple weight to make (aa or one of the other technical experts might care to comment).
Sadly looking at the base of mine (smooth ground, but irrecular outer edge, and not polished) it is most likely chinese.
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PS: I have three of these.  I am selling two (the yellow one and a red one to be listed later) and another yellow that ends up with the "other paperweight/millefiori" things (pendants, botlle opener, door knob, finger hood etc)
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