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The Dictionary of Paperweight Signature Canes has a lengthy section on Bill and Mark Burchfield and Cape Cod Glass Works (pub 1997)- and the new updated version of the book (about to be issued on CD only) has an even bigger section.

As to the new updated book on CD:

The Dictionary of Signature Cane Inclusions; Paperweights, Beads, Buttons & Marbles, has over 1650 color close up illustrations of the signature and date canes used by 363 antique and modern artists and factories from 1843 through 2007, plus those canes which might be confused as signature canes or which are fakes. The PDF format book has 850 pages, all color illustrations, short biographical and anecdotal sections on each artist and factory with an abundance of interesting information, a comprehensive questionnaire for judging the value of unsigned pieces, extensive bibliographies of paperweight, bead, button and marble reference sources for further research, and an extensive index listing all known initial and date canes. There is also a comprehensive value guide, an extensive listing of pontil markings as well as acid etch markings, and 100 full page photos of millefiori paperweights from about 50 different makers to be used as a millefiori identification guide.

It is off being replicated by the CD people and should be available in 2 to 3 weeks. I will post an official announcement when I am ready to take orders. Price will be $35.

Book is now out - all 850 pages and 1650 photos. $35 plus shipping. Will be listing a bunch on ebay Sunday evening the 26th of August. Can be reached at addg[at]juno[dot]com.


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