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:idea: Dinosaurus Peacockus  :twisted:

:lol: at all you lot, ok the weight is called the peacocks eye and made 18yrs ago

Couldn't be so obvious as Glass Eye Studio ...  could it?

And in the range of glass Button makers around the world, "Peacok Eye" is a well-known pattern but as I know almost nothing about Button makers, I can't comment on whether any of them made buttons for VERY large people's clothing!

I can't tell whether the "foil" inclusions are what, in modern terms, is called 'Dichroic Glass' (see discussion in the main Glass board). But the overall decorative effect looks like something that American "glass artists" would produce.

But as you can tell, I'm waffling, 'cause I don't know the answer  :roll:

it's a one off experimental piece never to be made again, it's English and the base of the eye is made up of very fine aventurine, the weight is fully signed

Kev did you get my last email?

makers initials JD


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